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[ profile] innate: [Rubedo] YOU ARE SO B& FROM MY JOURNAL.
[ profile] wondergecko: [Albedo] FINE I HATED YOU ANYWAY >(
[ profile] wondergecko: [Albedo] *"forgets" to unfriend*
[ profile] wondergecko: And then when Rubedo goes Friends-Only to avoid him, he makes a new LiveJournal under a totally different name.
[ profile] wondergecko: And tries to refriend.
[ profile] acrobats: His name will be notalbedo.
[ profile] wondergecko: The Miltian Conflict, in terms of LJ: Rubedo and Nigredo got rename tokens, and forgot to refriend Albedo.
[ profile] wondergecko: Also, notalbedo. yes.
[ profile] wondergecko: This only after he's clicked through standard_urtv001 to standard_urtv665 and found they've all been deleted. :-(
[ profile] innate: Nigredo shouldn't have given Dmitri his LJ password.
[ profile] wondergecko: Or made it the same password as the e-mail account it was linked to.

Yes, I realize my posts are nothing but Xenosaga lately and most of you don't know the game. TOO BAD, SO SAD.
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